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Sen Link Earrings

These beautiful earrings are perfect to help us celebrate Talk Like a Pirate Day… which in case you don’t know is always on September 19th and just happens to be one of our favorite holidays around here 🙂 Although they really are great any day of the year.


These Sen links are really fantastic findings… not only are they double sided, but each side has a different and equally beautiful design. There are three holes in the bottom, and one on the top leaving you with so many designing options. They also just so happen to be perfect for earrings.

These earrings are long and dramatic, while remaining remarkably light weight. I love them! I think the matte gold thorn bead was the perfect fit for a dangle, and the O-beads add just the right touch of color.



  1. Get out your two eye pins. Stack seven O-beads on each one. Create a large loop with the thick end of your round nose pliers, slide your thorn bead on, and then complete the wrapped loop.
  2. Open the loop on this eye pin and attach it to the bottom, center hole on the sen link.
  3. Using a jump ring, attach a length of chain to one of the side bottom holes on the sen link. Use another jumpring to attach the other end of the length of chain to the other side bottom hole on the sen link.
  4. Open the loops on the earwires to attach them to the top of the sen link. Keep in mind that these sen links are double sided, with two different sides, so you have a choice in your design.

The finished earrings measure 2&¾” in length from the earwire.

That’s it!


  • If you prefer shorter earrings, you can of course either add less O-beads, or skip them all together, and then use shorter lengths of chain.
  • Use the metal of your choice, or mix them! Try silver or copper if they appeal to you more!
  • Using a bright color of thorn bead would add a cute splash of color and change the look a lot!

Have fun and make them your own!

Happy Creating!


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