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Cab Wrap Nautilus Necklace

Continuing with our celebration of Talk Like a Pirate Day (September 19th) is this great, chunky Art Stone cab wrapped necklace featuring a Puss n’ Boots cab and czech glass nautilus beads.


I have done a couple of tutorials now with filigree wrapped pendants… you can see the YouTube tutorial here. In designing jewelry there seems to be so many pieces, like this cabochon, that using a large filigree, to wrap it and create a pendant, just seems like the best fit. This is definitely one of those pieces.

You could certainly add a glue on bail instead, and quite easily to support this as a pendant, but I really like the look of the Vintaj filigree for this one. I also love the way the Vintaj brass looks with this antique-looking Art Stone cab. Also, mixing metals by using gold jump-rings really brings out the gold details in this cab while adding a some interesting variety!



  1. Taking your time, carefully wrap the ceramic piece with your Vintaj filigree. If you are new to this, please watch my video HERE that will give you some great instruction on wrapping with filigree. I left a little section of the filigree up to attach a jumpring from where I want to attach it to the necklace at the top of the pendant.
  2. Cut ten pieces of 22 GA wire approximately 2&½” long. Make a wrapped loop at one end of a wire. Put a Nautilus bead on the wire and complete with another wrapped loop to create a link. Repeat this nine more times so you have ten nautilus bead links total.
  3. Take all of your 11mm jumprings, and using your pliers close them all into complete circles as you will be using them as links, and not needing to open them.
  4.  Using your gold jumprings for attaching, complete two “chains”: alternate your nautilus beads, and your Vintaj roped jumprings. Each completed ‘chain’ will have five nautilus bead links, four Vintaj roped jumprings, and eight gold jumprings.
  5. Using a gold jumpring, attach a Vintaj roped jumpring to the part of the filigree you left sticking up at the top of the pendant. Using two more gold jumprings, attach your two ‘chains’ to the roped Vintaj jumpring on the top of your pendant.
  6. Lastly, use a gold jumpring to attach your clasp to one end of the necklace, and use another gold jumpring to attach a Vintaj roped jumpring to the other end of the necklace for the clasp to hook into.

Presto! You’re done!


Happy Creating!


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