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Make the Cowboy Zombie Necklace and Lolita Earrings for Halloween

This is a fun necklace and earring set for Halloween whether you want to accessorize an elaborate costume for a party or celebrate simply, by sprucing up a uniform for work or some casual clothes while trick-or-treating. It features Glow in the Dark beads (which really do glow!) as well as the Lolita Cameos and the Cowboy Zombie Cameo which are both so fun for Halloween.



Here is a list of the materials needed to make the earrings and the necklace separately. Down below is a combined list (and much simpler) if you are planning on making both.

Please Note: We now sell these earrings as a kit. If you would prefer to buy the kit go HERE.

Materials for the Earrings:

Materials for the Necklace:

Other Materials:

2 Part 5 Minute Epoxy



  1. On a scrap piece of paper or a paper plate, mix equal parts of the 5 minute epoxy, use a clean popsicle stick (or something similar) to apply the glue to the center portion of two of the Vintaj Hinges. Carefully place the two medium Lolita cameos on the center of each hinge, over the glue. Do the same thing for the Cowboy Zombie cameo, except you will cover the whole bottom portion of the hinge with glue so just the top part is sticking out above the cameo. Let these dry at least five minutes.
  2. Meanwhile, take two of the Glow in the Dark beads and attach your head pin making a simple loop at the top or a wrapped loop. Do the same thing using your other five Glow in the Dark beads and the eye pins.
  3. When the glue has dried, add the Individual Links of Chain – Matte Black 9.1mm Link Chain to each of the connectors of the Vintaj Hinge: two on each earring (one for the top and one for the bottom of each hinge) as well as one for the zombie pendant.
  4. For each pair of earrings, on the chain link attached to the bottom of the hinge, add one jumpring and the Glow in the Dark bead, on the headpin.
  5. Attach one of the Glow in the Dark beads, on the eye pin, to the earwire, with a jumpring. Repeat for the other pair. Then attach the bottom part of the eye pin to the chain link at the top of the hinge and repeat for the other pair. This completes the earrings.
  6. Attach one of the Glow in the Dark beads, on a eye pin, to one end of the Leaf Chain. Do the same thing on the other end of the Leaf Chain. Find the middle of your Leaf Chain and attach two jumprings. Then add your last Glow in the Dark bead, on the eyepin, and attach this to the chain link, attached to the zombie pendant.
  7. Cut two 4.5″ pieces of Matte Black 8.3mm Link Chain and attach a jump ring and one end of the clasp to each piece. Attach the other end of the chain to the Glow in the Dark bead. Voila, your done!


Before you go out, make sure to charge up the Glow in Dark beads by putting them in the sun, or under a lamp. Insider tip: the marbled white part of the bead is what glows the most. If you want them super glowy choose the beads from your strand that have the most white on them (no matter what color bead you choose).


This set would also look fabulous with the Ivory on Peach Lolitas.



Feel free to mix it up and use any color of 8mm round Glow in the Dark bead that you like the most.

I also really like the Owl on Branch cameos, especially for the Harry Potter fans out there 🙂




Materials needed to make both the necklace and earrings (the simplified, combined version):

Have Fun!



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