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Bewitching Earrings

Fun earrings are a must this time of year. Halloween and fall parties get me thinking of fun bewitchingand blingy designs.

The Bewitching Earrings are made with a brand new style of bead introduced this fall by Swarovski in conjunction with Jean Paul Gaulthier. His ‘Poetic Punk-Rock’ style pieces such as the 5747 Spike Beads used in these earrings are very trendy this fall.

I used the recently introduced 1 Step Looping Pliers to quickly knock out these earrings. I love the turquoise handles so I recommend the Vintaj branded version of the tool .

1 Step Loopers or a set of pliers, 1 round nose and 1 chain nose

Step to complete:

Add an eyepin to all 4 of the Spike Beads and using the 1 Step Loopers create the eye or loop on the oppposite side. Do the same with the 6mm rounds. Use the headpin to do a loop with the 3mm bicones.

To begin adding components start with the large spike bead, opening up the bottom loop just a bit, (side to side) and slip the top loop on the 6mm bicone into it, close the loop up.

Next open the bottom loop on the 6mm bicone and insert the top loop of the smaller spike bead, and close the loop. Now you should have the top large spike with the 6mm round bicone next and then the smaller spike bead.

Now open the bottom loop on the small spike bead and insert the loop on the 3mm bicone, closing the loop and capturing the bicone.

Finally open the loop on the earwire just enough to slide the loop on the top of the largest spike bead into it, and close the loop capturing the entire length of beads and finishing the earring. Do the same with the second set and now you have a completed pair of bewitching earrings! Enjoy, and go out and bewitch someone!

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