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Leather Bracelet Tutorial Step by Step

So we’re going on week two of our leather focus. Last week I created a semi epic blog post featuring lots and lots of bracelets. If you haven’t seen it you can read it here. In response we got some questions about how to do it more specifically. Well… I’m here to show you that it really couldn’t be more simple.














So here’s a “step by step”. And for any of you who grew up about the time that I did, it may just get that ‘New Kids On The Block’ song stuck in your head. It has for me, even though I really don’t remember any of the words, because I never was a big fan. But it is a catchy tune and they did play it alot on the radio back in the day :).














Step 1: Select

  • This is really the hardest part, picking out what leather colors and components you want to use.
  • You will also want to measure your wrist here, adding at least 1/2″ for ease.  Mine measures 6.5″, I cut 7″ of leather and this fits me pretty perfectly.
  • Consider the size of your clasp, some are larger than others. I would err on the size of ordering more leather than you think you need. (When you get all of your stuff you will want to put it together as best that you can on your wrist to do a final measure before you glue it. You can always trim the leather down if necessary with your straight cutters).














Step 2: Gather

  • Gather all your supplies, including the super new glue and a straight cutter or a utility knife though they are not as safe, so be careful if you choose the knife.















Step 3: Assemble

  • Simply, slide the components on the leather you will be using.
  • Make sure it fits right and you like it.
  • Double check the size and trim the leather if necessary.
  • Also, make sure it is a straight, even cut so it fits flush inside the clasp end.

Step 4: Decide

  • Decide how you want the clasp to be fitted onto your bracelet and if you have a preference as to which way it will open. Make sure you have the two halves of the clasp fitted properly to the leather, so they fit together when glued BEFORE gluing.

Step 5: Glue

  • Glue the clasp onto the end of the leather. Now this is where the rubber hits the road. You want enough glue but not too much. My first bracelet came apart because  used too little glue.














  • Hold the end upright, so that the cut part of the leather is horizontal.














  • Put on enough glue so that the cut part is completely covered, yet it is not dripping. Then carefully put on the 1/2 of the clasp making sure that the component is going on the bracelet in the correct way (you might want to lay it out so you know which way to put it on before you put the glue on the end of the leather).
  • Do this carefully. If the glue spills out it will stain your leather. Not a biggie, probably no one will notice but you.
  • Hold the two pieces together for about 30 seconds with a little firm pressure.
  • Then do the second side, again making sure that the components are going to be going on in the correct way.
  • Let it sit. This glue cures in about 15 minutes. Although I have always waited two hours or overnight before I start messing with it (just to be on the safe side but I’m like that).














If you want to make an exact replica of this beautiful bracelet you will need the following















I hope that helps… it really is incredibly easy and fun to work with. It’s also really satisfying to make something so beautiful in such a short period of time.

Have fun with it!


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