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Mixed Metal Earrings

I forget sometimes how much I like the look of mixed metals! These earrings were a lot of fun to make.  They could be varied in endless ways by using the components & metals of your choice.

Mixed Metals

These earrings could also be inspiration to you for what to do with the random bits of chain, beads, & components you have laying around leftover from other projects.



  1. Use a Gold jump-ring to attach the ear wires to the beaded ring.
  2. Use a copper jump-ring to attach the gold feather to the beaded ring.
  3. Get out your head pins. Add a silver heishi, a gold heishi, then another silver heishi to a head pin, and finish it off with a wrapped loop to complete a drop.
  4. Use a Gold jump-ring to attach a link of crystal chain to the beaded ring. at the other end of the crystal chain, open the loop to attach your drop you made with the heishis.
  5. Use a silver jump ring to attach a length of copper floating circles chain to the beaded ring.
  6. Repeat these steps to complete the other earring.

Presto! You are done!


The sky is the limit! Take a look at the miscellaneous pieces of chain, beads & charms that you have left over from projects. Use your favorite charms, or charms that have meaning to you. Mix whatever metals, you prefer! Have fun with it!

Happy creating!


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