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Dinner on the Beach Bracelet

Do you ever finish a piece of jewelry and have your mind wander to the perfect occasion for the piece? I’m a day dreamer. Always have been. When I finished this bracelet, my mind went to a lovely seafood dinner, on a tropical beach, in a white summer dress.















In my mind’s eye, this bracelet is the perfect splash of color on my wrist that pops from the white dress. Perhaps I need to start planning my winter vacation to a beach in Mexico?

The Czech glass beads in this bracelet are the eye-catchers, with their vibrant colors and matte finish. The few Swarovski Pearls give it a little more of a beach feel, and the clasp is a new favorite of mine that TierraCast recently released.

This design takes  a little time to create with all of the drops, but is a simple design appropriate for beginners, and can be varied in so many ways.

Materials Used:


  1. Cut eight pieces of wire approximately 2.5” long. String a purple spade bead onto each wire. Bend both ends of the wire upright, and use your round nose and chain nose pliers to create wrapped loop drops with all eight beads.
  2. Cut five pieces of wire, approximately 3” long. Create a wrapped loop on one end of a wire. Put a bead cap on the wire, an aqua nautilus bead, and another bead cap. End the other side with a wrapped loop to complete your link. Create five of these links.
  3. Add an 8mm pearl, then a Gold Heishi bead to a head pin. Create a drop by finishing it with a wrapped loop. Repeat this to create eight pearl drops.
  4. Get out your jump-rings. Holding a jump ring firmly with your pliers add to it in this order: a spade bead drop, pearl drop, spade bead drop, nautilus link, spade bead drop, pearl drop, spade bead drop, and another nautilus bead link before closing the jump-ring. You will now have the start to your bracelet. From here use another jump-ring to attach another link and beads to the end of a nautilus link.
  5. When you have all five nautilus links together with four jump-rings in between them full of spade beads and pearl drops, use the remaining two jump rings to attach the two parts of your toggle clasp to either end.

Presto! You are finished!

This finished bracelet should measure 8” in length.


  • The color variations you could do with this bracelet are endless! Swarovski pearls and czech glass beads come in such a beautiful variety of colors. Choose your favorites to make this piece your own!
  • Not a gold person? Try making this is a silver, or brass finish! Or get crazy and mix your metals!
  • The length of this bracelet can easily be shortened or lengthened by removing a link from the design, or adding a couple of jump-rings to either end.

Happy Creating!



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