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Crystalized Owl Necklace

Owls have always been one of my favorite creatures. I’m quite fascinated with them, and find it to be such a treat to hear their hoots and calls at night around here. They have become almost trendy over the past several years, which make them available to us in many forms from charms to pendants. I adore these new Crystalized Owl Shaped Connectors.


Last summer I was on my annual camping trip with my great-nephew. As we were sitting by the fire at night, we heard an owl hoot quite close to us. My nephew, about 6 at the time, quickly jumped onto my lap, obviously a little uncomfortable with it.

I said “It’s okay honey, it’s just an owl saying hello…..I love owls…..don’t they sounds beautiful?”

He replied: “No way Auntie! I don’t like owls!

Me: “What is it about owls you don’t like?”

Nephew: “It really freaks me out how they spin their head around. It’s not right”

Okay…..well, i guess we all don’t need to like them 🙂

For all of you owl lovers out there, I like to use The Owl Pages website to identify what type of owls I’m hearing when I hear them call in the night! Check it out!

The Owl Pages

Hoot! Hoot!


Below is the directions for this multi-layered necklace I made with them. I think these connectors would make fantastic, simple earrings as well!



  1. Cut fifteen pieces of 20 Ga wire approximately 1 & ¼” long. Make a simple loop on one end of a wire, put a 6mm crystal on, then complete with another simple loop on the other end, trimming any excess wire, to complete a small link. Repeat this with the remaining fourteen wires and crystals.
  2. Using fourteen of your jump-rings, attach the links together that you have made to make a “chain” of light sapphire crystal links.
  3. Cut an 11” piece and an 8” piece of the crystal rosary link chain.
  4. Open a 9mm jump-ring and add in the following order: 8” rosary chain, then your light sapphire crystal chain that you made, then 11” rosary chain, and close the jump-ring.
  5. Use a medium Oval jumpring to attach this to the bottom of an owl connector. Opening the other 9mm jump-ring, add the opposite ends of these chains to it in the same order as the first, and again using a medium oval jump-ring, attach this to the bottom of the other owl link.
  6. It’s important to attach these in the proper order, so that the chains will drape nicely with the shortest chain on top and the longest chain on the bottom, you can always adjust them if you need to.
  7. Cut two more lengths of rosary chain each 6” long. Using two more oval jump-rings, attach these to the top hole on the owl connectors.
  8. Using your last two jump-rings, attach your toggle ring to one end of the necklace and the toggle bar to the other end of the necklace.
  9. That’s IT!


  • Swarovski Crystals come in an almost endless variety of colors to work with! Mix it up!
  • The Rosary chain also comes in black and different sizes to mix it up!
  • Not a silver person? Try this design in gold or copper!
  • You could easily lengthen the chains to make this a longer necklace with longer strands draping, or you could shorten it to make it more of a choker!

Have fun! Make it your own!

Happy Creating!


DSCN0766 2



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