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Autumn Leaves Set

Last year Swarovski introduced this new style called the pure leaf pendant which are absolutely gorgeous.


This Crystal Cathedral finish goes great with copper and together they will definitely help you get into the spirit of the season. These crystals are simple and elegant, leaf shaped yet understated.

And in case you’re not familiar, check out the Vintaj Artisan Copper. It’s some of the most beautiful copper we’ve got in the shop (if you ask me).


I also adore this delicate Figaro Triple Strand chain. The three strands of chain paired with the three strands of oval links makes this chain very unique. This set can easily go great with a pair of jeans and a nice sweater or dressed up for something special.




  1. To make the necklace first decide how long you want it to be, this one is about 19 inches without the clasp. I have one oval link at each end, and have it so that one of the sets of three ovals sit in the middle.
  2. Attach the pinch bail to the larger crystal through the center-most oval link.
  3. Attach the clasps to the ends of the chain with two small oval jump-rings.
  4. To make the earrings: trim the chain so that you have one oval link and two pieces of chain hanging from it. Make one piece of chain shorter than the other, and to lengths that are pleasing to you.
  5. Attach the Vintaj Artisan Copper Leaf to the end of the longer chain with a small jump-ring. Repeat for the other set.
  6. Attach the Earwire to the oval link with a small oval jump-ring. Repeat for the other set.
  7. Put one medium sized jump-ring through one of the smaller crystals. Attach it to the shorter piece of chain with the small jump-ring. Repeat for the other set.

Viola! Your done 🙂

And of course feel free to mix it up with different colors and finishes to suit your liking!

Have fun!




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