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Falling Leaves Bracelet Tutorial

Make this gorgeous bracelet to compliment your fall outfits easily and quickly! I am so in love with the Pearl Coat Beads, they are the basis of this bracelet. With their lustrous beauty and attractive shapes you are off to a good start using them for your base.



  1. Add a crimp to one end of the beading line, running it through the clasp link and back through the crimp. Crimp it down with crimping pliers of your choice.
  2. Start by lining up your beads on a bead mat, to decide on placement. Measure your wrist and add about an 1″ for ease. So if your wrist measures 7″ plan for 8″ and adjust after you get the beads on the line.
  3. Start with the 8mm Heishi seed bead, adding one to start and one between every bead. You will want to plan the placement of the 5mm Drop Heishi so that they are centered more to the middle of the bracelet so the leaves are visible from the front rather than hanging around the back side of the wrist. So add the 8mm bead heishi and the larger beads, 3 or 4 in then add your 1st Heishi Drop, continuing on for two large beads, add second Heishi Drop, then two more large beads and the final Heishi drop. You will be using the 8mm Heishi beads all along between each bead. Continue on adding another 3 to 4 large beads, with the heishi in-between of course. At this point try wrapping it around your wrist to gauge fit. If it seems too small or too big adjust the large beads adding or subtracting to fit. Remember to allow for the clasp.  Once you are satisfied with the fit you can add the last crimp, then run the line through the loop in the toggle and back through the crimp and crimp it down.
  4. Add one heishi bead to each headpin, then begin adding the Maple Leaf Beads, one to each headpin and then another 8mm Heishi Seed Bead. A total of 9 sets. Create a wrapped loop on each set. Open one of the Oval Etched Jump Rings and slide it onto one of the Heishi Drops, adding on three of the Maple leaves by looping the wrapped loop onto the jump ring. Close the jump ring, trapping the leaves securely. Continue on doing the same with the remaining two Drop Heishi. You did it! Enjoy your bracelet!


2 thoughts on “Falling Leaves Bracelet Tutorial

  1. So the new bracelet is great, but where are the maple leaves of “lime” green and pink/orange to be able to purchase? Deb Lucci


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