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How To Make Hoop Earwires

Making your own hoop earwires is fun and easy! They are great when you want something simple to embellish with beads or buttons of choice.




Step 1: Gather a bottle of desired size. Wrap wire around bottle two full loops and back around. Cut wire so you have two full hoops plus an extra half an inch to make the loop and the insertion. Make sure you cut the wire so that the flat side of the cut is the one facing out.


Step 2: Use a wire rounder









or a sanding stick










to file the end of each wire.

Step 3: Use a round nose plier to make a simple loop and then break the neck.

Step 4: Work harden the metal to firm it up by hammering it on a block.

Step 5: Turn the loop with your chain nose pliers so that the loop is perpendicular to the earwire insertion.

Step 6: Turn up the earwire insertion 1/4 of an inch at a 90 degree angle.


That’s it!


The Team @ Bello Modo




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