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Swarovski Snowflakes Holiday Jewelry Set

Staying with the theme of fancy jewelry for Holiday parties and New Years celebrations this set focuses on Swarovski snowflake pendants, which are totally gorgeous and of course seasonally appropriate! Again using the Crystal Blue Shade which is beautiful, elegant, sophisticated and quite versatile.



For the Necklace:

For the Earrings:


For the Necklace:

  1. Attach the pinch bail to the large snowflake crystal.
  2. Put one of the large round jump rings through the bail and attach it to two of the floating circles in the middle of the chain. Repeat with the second jump ring.
  3. Then decide what length you want your necklace to be. I added three inches of the Small Hammered Flat Cable Chain to each end to get it the length I wanted. You can just use this chain to attach it to the Floating Circles Chain.
  4. Attach the Anna Clasp to the chain with a small jump ring.

For the Earrings:

  1. Attach the two Vine Bails to the two smaller snowflake crystals. You can see a YouTube video of how to do this here.
  2. Attach a small jump ring to the Vine Bail and another one to the Earwire. Attach both to the Hammertone Link using two Textured Jump Rings. You can see how to open and close a Jump Ring here.

That’s it!

Have fun and enjoy!



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