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Garnet Bracelet

I love the deep, gorgeous red of January’s birthstone, garnet. I found this color especially pleasing in the glow of a garnet lunasoft cab, added it to the vintage look of Vintaj Natural Brass, threw in a few Swarovski crystals for a tiny bit of shimmer, some very simple chainmaille, and I think I’ve got a winning combination in this bracelet.




Note: The finished length of my bracelet is 7&½”. If you need yours to be longer or shorter, simply add some more jump rings to the design!

  1. Using your headpins and 3mm bicones, create 12 drops with one bicone on each headpin, and finished with a simple loop.
  2. Attach six of these drops to a  Vintaj 7mm Rib Cable Jump Ring  and close it, and the other six to another 7mm jump ring, as shown in this picture:


  1. Using two of your Jump Ring 4.75mm, attach the flower filigree to your jump ring full of crystal drops as shown in the picture below. Repeat this on the other side of the flower with the other one.
  1. GB2Create two short chains with your Vintaj 7mm Rib Cable Jump Rings. Do this by alternating two jump rings and one jump ring when forming the chain as pictured below. This is a very easy way to incorporate a simple chainmail look into a piece. I used 21 jump rings for each length.
  2. Now attach these lengths of chain to the jump rings already attached to the flower filigree.
  3. Attach each part of the magnetic clasp to the ends of your chain using your two remaining 4.75mm jump rings.
  4. The last step is gluing the LunaSoft Cab onto your filigree flower. I used G-S Hypo Cement as that is what was handy, but your favorite jewelry adhesive will work just fine. Naturally we would have a tendency to put the adhesive on and set the cab on top of the filigree to dry. This will work, however I find that adhesive has a tendency to run through the filigree and create kind of a mess on the backside of the bracelet. My solution for this, is applying my adhesive to the back of the lunasoft cab, and then laying the filigree upside down on top of the cab to dry instead. You still get great contact for adhering the two items together, but avoid having the back side of your filigree oosing adhesive! the pictures below show what I am talking about:



Once your adhesive is dry, you are done!


You could vary this design in so many ways!

Happy Creating!



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