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Heart Bracelet

It’s time to start thinking Valentine’s Day projects! There are so many fantastic options of heart components and beads to work with when it comes to making Valentine’s projects. I would encourage you to simply put ‘heart’ in the search bar on our website and see the plethora of choices you have. Today I chose to work with a beautiful Heart Shaped Connector from our collection of Crystalized Links & Connectors. I’m really fond of these pieces. They can so easily be made into the highlight of an eye catching piece! I think Mixing gunmetal/black finish with some antiqued silver and crystals is a winning combination. The Heart Shaped Connector is a great size for a bracelet and curved slightly so it lays on your wrist just perfectly.


If you haven’t used one of the Mag-Lock magnetic clasps  yet, I suggest you try one out. These are fantastic! They are very strong, versatile, appealing to the eye, and makes putting a bracelet on your wrist a breeze, which can be a struggle for many. I’m really impressed with the strength of the magnets and the look of these clasps and think I’ll be using them in my designs a lot from now on.



***The chain measurements in the directions below created a bracelet that is 7&½” in length. simply cut shorter or longer pieces of chain to adjust the length to your needs.

  1. Cut six lengths of the silver chain each 2.5” long.
  2. Cut eight lengths of the gunmetal/black chain each 2.5” long
  3. Take a jump ring and slide four cut pieces of the gunmetal chain and three cut pieces of the silver chain on it alternating each finish as you put them on. Gunmetal, silver, gunmetal, silver, gunmetal, silver, gunmetal. Loop this jumpring onto one end of the crystallized heart and then close the jumpring. Repeat this with another jumpring, the rest of your chain, and attach at the other end of the heart.
  4. Take another jumpring, and with it,  attach the free ends of chain in the same order that you put them on a jumpring and close that jumpring onto a loop on the clasp.
  5. With your fourth jump ring, repeat step four to connect the other side of the chains to the other side of the clasp.

Presto! You are done!


  • There are several finishes to choose from in the hearts, and many other components that this simple design would easliy lend itself to.
  • You could mix up the chain as much as you wanted, using different kinds, different finishes, perhaps use some small scraps you have left over from another project? Although, I do think that the heart chain is sweet for a Valentine’s project.

Happy Creating!


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