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Valentine’s Day Earrings

I like to think of Valentine’s day not just as as holiday to celebrate lovers, but to celebrate all of the people we love and appreciate. I created these earrings with the intention of giving you some inspiration in making some sweet earrings as gifts to ladies in your life that you want to send some love to on Valentine’s….or for yourself of course!


The TierraCast line of products has an incredible amount of charms  to choose from for making simple earrings, and comes in a variety of finishes to suit everyone’s taste. Pair the charms you want with the beads you are drawn to and the possibilities are nearly endless. I’ve highlighted a few of my recent favorite beads in the earrings below as well as my favorite heart charms from the TierraCast line in the earrings below.


Spiral Hearts Earrings

*The Spiral hearts have always been one of my favorite charms, and I think you can never go wrong with copper and turquoise together! They were made for eachother 🙂


I Wanna Hold Your Hand Earrings

*Featuring the new and beautiful Metallic Suede finish beads!


Celtic Open Heart Earrings

*Featuring the gorgeous Swarovski Double Spiked Beads, a new favorite of mine, and the Celtic Open Heart Charms.


My Heart Has Wings Earrings

*I love using 8mm Princess Cut Beads in earrings. The Indian pink matched with the Gunmetal I think is a winning combination!

Enjoy! Happy Valentine’s day!


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