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Romantic Candlelight Dinner Earrings

In thinking about Valentine’s Day this year, I wanted to make something elegant and a little bit vintage. As I was walking through the shop one day, I came across a tray of Kabela and Swarovski Filigree components that I had never seen before. These great, little flower connectors jumped out at me, which was all the inspiration I needed to come up with these beautiful earrings…


I also really love the Brandy Coated, Ruby Swarovski crystals.  They are a dark red, and the brandy coating adds a depth and richness to the color. The earrings are intended to convey elegance and passion, perfect for celebrating love and romance… and an evening by candlelight.



  1. Add the medium jump-ring to the pear shaped crystal, repeat for the second crystal. If you don’t know how to open and close a jump-ring, watch our YouTube tutorial here.
  2. Use a cutter to turn the chain into jump-rings. If you have very thin jump-rings that match, you can use those. My 20G jump-rings were too thick to fit through the holes on the connector, so I used the chain. You can also just make your own jump-rings using a thin parawire.
  3. Attach the bottom of the connector, to the jump-ring on the crystal, with two links of chain, repeat for the second set.
  4. Attach the last two links of chain to the top of the connector and attach that to the earwire with the small jump-ring, repeat for the second set.


We also have a Baroque Pendant (16x11mm) in Ruby Brandy which is equally as gorgeous!


Which one do you prefer?

Have fun!



7 thoughts on “Romantic Candlelight Dinner Earrings

  1. I think I prefer the 2nd pair and that really surprises me. I don’t usually like Baroque style, but these are very pretty and elegant!


  2. I also prefer the A style! The oval shape of the crystal reflects the light better in your photo & is longer, more elegant in appearance.


  3. The baroque does it for me… ‘course, that’s not saying I didn’t think the teardrop (A) wasn’t totally gorgeous before the baroque was posted. They’re both just outstanding!


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