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Swarovski Wild Heart Necklace

This necklace is so Downton Abbey, don’t you think? It’s also good Valentine’s day jewelry inspiration. I’ve been enjoying wearing long necklaces myself lately and I feel like they can absolutely be the highlight of an outfit.


This long and elegant necklace features a beautiful Wild Heart Pendant, with the asymmetrical look of using 2 different chains and attaching drops to just one side.



  • Cut your 6” of wire and run it through your large heart pendant. bend both ends straight up and create a wrapped loop with both ends to create a bail.


  • Cut both of your chains to 16” long.
  • Open your one large jump-ring, and slide onto it the heart pendant, and one end of each chain.
  • Use two x 4mm jump-rings to attach the clasp to both ends of the chain.
  • With your 12 headpins, 12 round crystals, and 12 Heishi, create 12 drops with one crystal and one heishi on each drop, with a simple loop on the top of each.
  • Pinch your briolette bails onto your small heart pendants. Finish this job using a nylon jaw pliers to pinch down tight with your marring your metal or crystal. You can view A video here showing how to do this.
  • Using your remaining 4mm jump-rings, attach your two heart drops and your 12 crystals drops you’ve made to the large oval links in the Figaro Triple Strand Chain.



  • This necklace measures about 33-34” in length. You can certainly adjust this length to your liking.
  • The Wild Heart Pendants come in a handful of colors, so choose the ones you want to work with!
  • You could easily substitute any chains you would like.

 Use this as inspiration to make a great necklace of your own.

Happy Creating!



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