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Burgundy Keshi Pearls Set

Being that it is the halfway through January and 2015, there are a couple of things top of mind, design wise.  We are thinking about Valentines Day and Marsala, Pantone’s new color of the year. So I thought, why not make something that can fulfill both elements? Pearls are absolutely perfect for Valentines Day and these burgundy Keshi pearls are unique, lustrous and gorgeous!


I wanted to make something classic with a twist. A standout necklace to go with a little black dress or a white shirt. A necklace that could make a simple outfit look fancy without being overdone. And of course, some earrings to match…


The Burgundy Luster color of the SilverSilk Capture Chain matches these pearls perfectly.


Another option is to make this necklace with two or three strands of the SilverSilk Chain because they also make double and triple end caps.


In which case you could either keep the pearls as a single strand or you could also make the pearls a double or triple strand. As always, make it your own and to your own liking!


Instructions for the Necklace:

  1. Attach one end of the beading wire to the end cap with a crimp bead and trim the excess.
  2. Add the pearls in a way that is pleasing to you. Total length of pearls was six inches for me. Again, make it as long or a short as you want it.
  3. Attach the other end cap to the beading wire using a crimp bead.
  4. Cover both crimp beads with crimp covers.
  5. Put the SilverSilk chain in the end cap and carefully close with a pair of regular or nylon pliers. Repeat for the other side and both ends.
  6. Attach the clasp to the end caps with a jump ring.

Instructions for the Earrings:

  1. Take six pearls of your choosing and make a wrapped loop on each. If you don’t know how, you can watch a video tutorial here.
  2. Attach three of them to a jump ring and attach the jump ring to the earwire. Repeat for the other pair.

Have Fun!



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