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Marsala Necklace

Pantone’s color of the year, Marsala, is the buzz around here this week. You know how when you buy a different car, or are even just considering a specific type, you will all of the sudden see these cars everywhere on the road? Our brain points out to us what we are thinking about. With the color Marsala on my brain, it seems like every time I walked past one of the lovely ribbons or WIreLace close to this color, they would jump out at me.


Today I decided to collect a few of these, along with some silver and white to contrast, and make a simple, multiple stranded necklace featuring one of my personal favorites, a Swarovski Cabochette Pendant as the focal piece. 


To end this necklace, I used a Textured Clasp Set intended for 5mm round leather. This happened to work perfectly. Proof that thinking outside the box with leather findings can work out fantastic sometimes. How else can you use them?



*First, a note about length. I ended up making my necklace to be about 24” in length. I started with a 1 yard cut of each fiber. After knots tied and some loose braiding I had about 6” left that I cut off at the end.  Take into consideration how long you might want your necklace. I think this is a nice one to wear long, perhaps even longer than 24”. However, if you want to make it shorter, there is no need to start with a whole yard. You decide, and adjust accordingly!

  1. Cut your 2 lengths of 1mm WireLace into 1 yards lengths.
  2. Gather the ends of all of your 1 yard lengths of ribbons, cord, and WireLace. and tie them together in an overhand knot.
  3. Securing the end that you have knotted, separate your fibers into 3 groups and VERY LOOSELY braid them together. I “secured” the end by holding it in between my teeth,  (because that’s how I tend to do things) but you could easily clip it onto a bead tray or whatever works for you. I say braid, because this is what I did, but really there is no tightness to it all all, I just wanted a way to weave these layers together just a little bit while keeping them loose. You can see what I mean in the picture below.


  1. When you are happy with your ‘loose braid’, then tie the other ends together with an overhand knot.
  2.  Open your  Jump Ring 17mm, and put your Cabochette Pendant on it, and close it. Use your Jump Ring 11mm to attach this to your braided strands.
  3.  Trim the ends of your fibers close to the knots on either end. Put 2 drops of Super New Glue into one end of your clasp and push a knotted end into it. Hold it in place for a few seconds. Repeat with the other end.


That’s it!


  • There are many different Swarovski Pendants  you could use as a focal point. Choose one that you love!
  • Bello Modo carries so many beautiful Stringing supplies and Ribbons, that the combinations you could use are literally endless! Have fun with colors and mix it up!
  • As mentioned above, create this one to the length that suits you. I think the pendant used looks great as a long necklace, perhaps a different pendant might be more suited to a shorter one. It’s all up to you!

Have fun creating!



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