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Beadalon Tying Station Review


The staff at Bello Modo enjoy testing our new products before offering them on our website.  This ensures that we not only offering quality tools and other useful gadgets, but we are better able to explain how they work if anyone needs tips and tricks.  This month, I have had the good fortune to explore the Beadalon Tying Station.  Before I even got this guy out of the box, I knew I would love it!


Anyone that has ever made a wrap bracelet is likely to have experienced the sometimes daunting task of figuring out just how to hold firmly in place the top and bottom ends of the bracelet, while maneuvering the thread through the beads and over/under the cords. Before the Beadalon Tying Station, I generally used a beading tray with rubberized alligator clips.  It was an alright set up, but the cords would slip through the clips and sometimes the alligator clips would just pop right off the tray!

The Tying Station is a breeze to set up and use.  First, you cut your cords and tie a knot or a button on at the top.  Secure the piece using the wing-nut at the top end.  Then secure the ends of the cord at the bottom, spreading them out just enough to give you room to add the beads between the cords.

Now, here is one of my two favorite defining points about the Tying Station:  see that blue squishy foam pad holding the bracelet on at the top of the station?  That is there to ensure that you can keep working your bracelet as long as you want without the beads getting smashed, scratched, or otherwise marred!  The second feature that I LOVE is how portable this is!  The tying station comes in two boxes. The inner box is a pretty sturdy cardboard box.  I love the fact that I am able to have my project with me while I went to class or meetings and stow it safely in my backpack.  Use a small tin or other container to bring along the beads needed.


Happy Creating!


Bracelet by Wild Human Designs


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