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Marsala Formal Bracelet

Marsala is Pantone’s Color of the Year. I think it’s an absolutely luscious color, and inspires me to create formal jewelry…..perhaps while sipping a nice glass of red 🙂


The bordeaux color of Swarovski pearls is what I was drawn to using. All I had in mind when starting this project was that I wanted to make a classy looking bracelet with large bordeaux pearls. After getting a handful of the 14mm bordeaux,  I picked out some black pearls, a clasp that I had been eye-balling which also happened to match the black pearls, a couple of rondelles, and sat down. I played with combinations of sizes of pearls, and in the end, I loved the look of using all 14mm pearls for a chunky bracelet, with just one black pearl placed asymmetrically.  The 12mm rondelles work perfectly with the 14mm pearls, and highlight the one black pearl nicely. I think a necklace and earrings to go with this one might be in order.

This bracelet measures 8&¼” long, and fits my 6” to 6&½” wrist nicely, a tiny bit loose as I think a chunky bracelet like this should be to feel comfortable, and have some movement. If you need to shorten or lengthen simply adjust the number of pearls you use.



  1. Slide a crimp bead onto an end of your wire, followed by a wire protector. When the end is all the way through the wire protector, slide it back through the crimp bead so that it’s sticking out about an inch. Use your crimping pliers to close your crimp.
  2. String your beads in the following order: three bordeaux, one 12mm rondelle, one black, one 12mm rondelle, eight bordeaux.
  3. At the end, slide your other crimp bead, and your other wire protector, sliding the end back through your last pearl. Pull it taut, use your crimping pliers to close your last crimp, and trim your excess wire.
  4. Use your two jump-rings to attach the clasp to either end, and you are done!

Variations :

  • 3mm Black Round Pearls could look nice as spacers in between the large pearls.
  • Swarovski Pearls have SO MANY gorgeous colors. If the color of the year isn’t for you, use what you are attracted to! Or match the fancy dress you have for an upcoming event!
  • A nice Mag-Lok clasp can be a great solution for people who have a hard time with closing clasps on bracelets.
  • More of a gold person? The 12mm crystal rondelle also comes in gold, and with a plethora of gold clasps to choose from, you can easily make this into a gold toned project.

Have fun creating!



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