Superbowl Sunday Jewelry – Go Seahawks!

Bello Modo lives in Olympia, Washington… so naturally, everyone around here is really excited to be playing in the Super Bowl for the second year in a row! The 12th Man (or woman if you prefer) paraphernalia is everywhere you look. So we thought we would come up with some of our own for the big day!

SET #1


Bracelet Materials

Bracelet Directions:

  1. I started my bracelet by sliding a crimp bead, a 4mm heishi, and a wire protector on one end of my beading wire. Run the wire back through the heishi and the crimp and use your crimping pliers to crimp.
  2. String the rest of the beads in the following order: Blue, 4mm Heishi, Blue, 4mm Heishi, Blue, 6mm heishi, Green, 6mm heishi, blue, 4mm heishi, blue, 4mm heishi, Blue, 6mm Heishi, Green, 6mm Heishi…..and continue this pattern (Or whatever pattern you choose) Until  your beads are all used. The number of beads I have listed made this bracelet 8&¼”  –  8&½” long. Simply adjust the number of beads to suite the length you need.
  3. End the bracelet with the same sequence you started. A Crimp, a 4mm heishi, and a wire protector, running the wire back through the 1st few beads, pull it taught, and crimp. rim the excess wire.
  4. Use your 2 jumprings to attach the toggle clasp to the wire protectors at each end.


Earrings Materials

Earrings Directions:

  1. Cut your wire into 8 pieces each about 1” long. Use your round nose pliers to make a simple loop on one end, add a 6mm firepolish bead, and complete another simple loop on the other end, trimming any excess wire as needed, completing a link. Repeat this to make 4 green bead links, and 4 blue bead links.
  2. Put a blue bead on each of your headpins. Trim excess wire from the top and make a wrapped loop at the top creating a drop.
  3. Open the loops you made to connect these links as shown in the picture, with the headpin drop at the bottom. Each earring has 5 beads, and measures about 2” long. If you want them to be longer or shorter, simply adjust the # of beads that you use
  4. Open the loop on your earwires to attach your string of beads for each earring.

Set #2


Necklace Materials

Necklace Directions:

  1. Cut your beading wire. Slide onto one end a crimp, a heishi, and a wire protector. Slide the wire back through and use your crimping pliers to crimp.
  2. String 4 more heishi onto your wire, a green bead, a heishi, a blue bead, a heishi, and continue with this pattern until you have used all your beads, and ending with the same pattern, 4 heishi, 1 crimp, 1 heishi, and a wire protector.
  3. cut your chain onto 4 lengths of 6” each. Use a jumpring to attach 2 lengths to the end of your necklace, and another jumpring to attach the other 2 to the other side of your necklace.
  4. Use a 3rd jump-ring to attach your lobster clasp to the end of 2 chains, and your 4th jump-ring to attach the 2 chains on the other end of the necklace.


Earrings Materials

Earring Directions:

  1. Cut your 22GA wire into two pieces each 3” long. Create a wrapped loop on one end of each. Slide a pop cushion bead onto each one, and finish both links by making another wrapped loop.
  2. Use your two jump-rings to attach a heart charm to each link.
  3. Open the loops on your earwires to attach the links with charm to them.

 Happy Creating! Go Seahawks 🙂

The Team @BelloModo

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