Nunn Charm Bracelet

Nunn Design has added so many wonderful charms and components to their line over the last few years. I just love the quality and look of the products they offer. I also like that they also offer several charm bracelets, including the newest Rolo Chain Charm bracelet, that are all ready to add charms to!


We are in the thick of winter now, and in the Pacific Northwest this means a lot of cloudy, rainy days. I’ve been daydreaming a lot lately about my favorite spot to spend time, the Caribbean beach in Mexico…..ahhh, at least I can reach the beach, sand in between my toes, and sunshine on my shoulders in my imagination. Sometimes I can just close my eyes and go there so easily! I decided to use a bunch of the wonderful ocean themed charms from the Nunn Design line to create a charm bracelet that reminds me to close my eyes and go the the beach when the gloomy days get the best of me here. 



I mixed the metals of the charms and the jump-rings on this one. Below you will find a list of materials I used for my charm bracelet. I had to throw in a couple of heart charms for my love of the ocean, and some of the faceted drop beads because I just really like them. Simply use what whatever charms & finishes you are drawn to using!

Materials List

Have fun creating!




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