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Twist and Wrap Bracelet

Ashley created this great wrap bracelet using Leather Cord, Suede Lacing, Vintaj components, Baroque Beads and a Swarovski Twist Sew-On Crystal as the focal bead. Download the free PDF tutorial here… Twist and Wrap Bracelet. Enjoy! The Team @ Bello Modo

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Weathered Copper Leaf Earrings

We are focusing on Vintaj this week and Vintaj Patina’s. I haven’t really ever used these in my designs, so I thought it was a good opportunity to try something new. The Vintaj pieces that I like the most are the Artisan Copper components. I’m also always drawn to leaf/tree themes and colors in the teal… Continue reading Weathered Copper Leaf Earrings

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Amethyst Owl Earrings

These owl earrings are a great first project to experiment with Vintaj components and Patinas.  Combining the Lucite Owls with the Vintaj Artisan Hoops creates an owl on the moon feeling that I love! Components: Vintaj French Ear Wires Vintaj 9mm Rib Cable Jump Rings Vintaj Head Pin 2″ Lucite Owl  Vintaj Artisan Hoops Vintaj Patina… Continue reading Amethyst Owl Earrings

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Embellishing Vintaj Natural Brass with Embossing Techniques & Patinas

We LOVE using the embossing machine, deco-emboss and deco-etch folders on Vintaj! Fun and functional! People often assume my pieces were enamelled, thinking this is hard to do, but nothing could be less true as they are so easy to use and get a good result. The pieces in this first image we actually colored… Continue reading Embellishing Vintaj Natural Brass with Embossing Techniques & Patinas

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Challenges & Contests

NW Bead Society Retreat Challenge

Update 4/24/15… We finally picked two winners from the NW Bead Society Retreat Challenge… And the winners are Connie (A) and Shirley (F)! Congratulations ladies! You will be contacted very soon about how to use your $50 Gift Certificate!  Editor’s Note: I changed the names to letters to make it more anonymous. Here are the… Continue reading NW Bead Society Retreat Challenge

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Swarovski Pure Leaf Earrings

Have you used the pure leaf pendants yet? I recently came across them, and decided I’m really fond of their shape. I think they make a great component for earring drops. What’s even better? The large vine briolette bails fit the 14mm pure leaves perfectly! The briolette bails were made to fit both sizes of… Continue reading Swarovski Pure Leaf Earrings

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Swarovski Ball Pendant Earrings

Sometimes the I see a certain cut of Swarovski crystal, and I think it’s just made for earrings. There’s something about making an earring drop with a cut that shimmers and moves so nicely! The 6002 ball pendants are my new favorite for earrings. They have so many facets to them, that their shimmer-power is… Continue reading Swarovski Ball Pendant Earrings

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Square Dance Bracelet

Ashley, of Wild Human, created a bracelet earlier this month for our Amethyst February Birthstone focus, using the new QuadraTiles which you can see here… Now the pattern is ready, and she made another one in metallic lava red which is a great new color we have recently been stocking up on. You can download the pattern and… Continue reading Square Dance Bracelet

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Leather Keychain

Leather key chains are stylish, easy and fun to make. They are also a great way to use up little bits of leather you might have left over from other projects. They make really nice gifts for men or women and the possibilities are pretty much endless in terms of mixing it up with different… Continue reading Leather Keychain

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Suede, Deerskin Leather and Pendants

Ashley, of Wild Human, made a couple of pendants recently and used some of our suede lacing and deerskin lace to turn them quickly and easily into one-of-a-kind necklaces. The deerskin lacing (which you can see in the necklace below) is new to the shop and is incredibly soft and feels wonderful. You can see how she… Continue reading Suede, Deerskin Leather and Pendants

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