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Suede, Deerskin Leather and Pendants

Ashley, of Wild Human, made a couple of pendants recently and used some of our suede lacing and deerskin lace to turn them quickly and easily into one-of-a-kind necklaces.

The deerskin lacing (which you can see in the necklace below) is new to the shop and is incredibly soft and feels wonderful.


You can see how she got really creative to set her crystal as a pendant! (Hint: she used crystal clay, a bail and a shotgun shell). Also the rustic crimps at the end are really beautiful and super easy to use.

Here she used a classic brown suede lacing which is also lovely and incredibly versatile.


Of course this one is for Valentine’s day and is another great example of how wonderful jewelry design is as an art form. You can really get creative, express yourself and have some fun!



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