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Swarovski Ball Pendant Earrings

Sometimes the I see a certain cut of Swarovski crystal, and I think it’s just made for earrings. There’s something about making an earring drop with a cut that shimmers and moves so nicely! The 6002 ball pendants are my new favorite for earrings. They have so many facets to them, that their shimmer-power is awesome!




  1. Cut eight pieces of wire approximately 1” long. With your round nose pliers, create a simple loop at the end of each one. Slide a bead on each one, and create a simple loop on the other end, trimming any excess wire, to complete eight links. Four with crystals, and four with saucer beads.
  2. Cut two pieces of wire approximately 3” long. Run the wire through your large crystal drop. Bring both ends straight up and together. Create a wrapped loop at the top of the crystal, trimming excess wire off the ends. Repeat with the second one.
  3. Take a saucer bead link, and open one of the simple loops on it, to attach it to the loop at the top of your crystal drop. Open another simple loop to attach a crystal link above the saucer bead, another saucer bead above that, and another crystal bead above that until you have four links together above your crystal drop as shown in the picture. Repeat with the remaining four links and crystal drop.
  4. Open the loop on your ear wires to attach the dangles you just created to each one.

That’s it! easy peasy!

On the topic of designing earrings, do you find that you like different shapes and sizes of earrings with different haircuts or hairstyles? I recently cut my hair short, above my shoulders. I’ve had long hair pretty much all of my adult life, so this was a fun and fresh change for me. I’ve always enjoyed wearing large earrings whether I was wearing my hair up or down, it didn’t matter, I loved wearing earrings with a large ‘face’ to them. I’m finding now that I have this fun short haircut, the only shape of earrings I want to wear is long and skinny drops. This has resulted in me making myself a lot of new earrings, which has been a blast! 

Is there a certain size or shape of earrings that you prefer? Does that change with how you wear your hair? Let us know your preferences in the comments!

As always, have a fun creating! 


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