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Swarovski Pure Leaf Earrings

Have you used the pure leaf pendants yet? I recently came across them, and decided I’m really fond of their shape. I think they make a great component for earring drops. What’s even better? The large vine briolette bails fit the 14mm pure leaves perfectly!


The briolette bails were made to fit both sizes of the Swarovski 6012 flat briolettes, but as time goes on, I find more and more pendants that they work well with. I was thrilled that they fit these leaves so well!

I made a video a while back on using the briolette bails with the 12mm Wild Heart Pendants. The technique for using the briolette bail is the same, if you would like, you can view the video here.



Cut four pieces of chain. Two pieces that are ¾” long, and two pieces that are 1&¾” long.

  1. Use a 4mm round jumpring to attach the end of a ¾” piece and a 1&¾” piece to the loop in an earwire. Repeat with the other two pieces of chain and ear wire.
  2. Slide a 4mm bicone onto a headpin, trim the excess wire leaving about a ¼”, or enough to make a simple loop at the top, completing a drop. Repeat this with the other bicone bead and head pin.
  3. Open the simple loop at the top of a bicone drop and attach it to the end of the longer piece of chain on one of your earrings and close it. Repeat with the other drop and earring.
  4. Use your fingers to pinch the briolette bail so the little nubs fit into the hole in the crystal leaf. You can use your nylon jaw pliers to pinch it down further if you feel you want to, but be gentle. You don’t want to go too tight and scratch or break the crystal. There is a video you can view here, where I do the same thing with another crystal. You can follow the same instruction in the video.
  5. Use your two small oval jump-rings to attach your crystal leaf drops with the briolette bails to the shorter pieces of chain on your earrings.


  • Mix up the colors! the Pure Leaf Pendants come in a variety as well as the bicones.
  • Use the finish of your choice. The components are available in silver and copper as well!
  • You could choose to have just one drop on your earrings, or add more! Three or four!
  • Remember, always feel free to change it up and make things your own! Think of the above like a recipe. It’s more like a guideline for you to tweak to your own liking!

Happy Creating!


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