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Embellishing Vintaj Natural Brass with Embossing Techniques & Patinas

We LOVE using the embossing machine, deco-emboss and deco-etch folders on Vintaj! Fun and functional! People often assume my pieces were enamelled, thinking this is hard to do, but nothing could be less true as they are so easy to use and get a good result.

The pieces in this first image we actually colored with Alcohol Inks. Alcohol Ink has the advantage of being more transparent, and the colors will not mix or blend, rather they will push each other around, creating interesting patterns. They dry fast and are easy to sand off. The downside to them is that Alcohol Ink is subject to being affected by any solvent based substance such as hair sprays, perfumes, etc. So they need to be sealed to keep permanent. You can do this with a sealant such as Nunn Design’s Sealant, or a spray on such as Krylon Art Finisher. It comes in shiny and matte which is nice if you want to keep your pieces less glossy.


Color is not actually needed, they look good just sanded and sealed.


And finally, the Patinas are a bit more opaque, the colors will blend so you can mix up different colors which is really nice, and they are permanent once dried, no sealant required.


Very easy and fun to bling up your components! Coming soon… an updated how to do it, stay tuned!


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