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NW Bead Society Retreat Challenge

Update 4/24/15…

We finally picked two winners from the NW Bead Society Retreat Challenge… And the winners are Connie (A) and Shirley (F)! Congratulations ladies! You will be contacted very soon about how to use your $50 Gift Certificate! 

Editor’s Note: I changed the names to letters to make it more anonymous.

Here are the entries from our NW Bead Society Retreat challenge. We asked the attendees to use the Two-holed German Engraved Beads in a piece and these are the finished pieces sent in.

From A…


From B…


From C…


From D…


From E…

NWBSRC_jennifer brown 1

From F…


From G…


Aren’t they fabulous! We will update this post in a day or so with our final decision on who won! Saty tuned!

17 thoughts on “NW Bead Society Retreat Challenge

  1. I love, and have used, these two-hole German beads myself; something about them is just enchanting! The creative ways your contestants have used them are truly inspired! My (hard to choose but has to be done) choice is the last one, by Shel. I love the colors and the German beads really lend themselves to the Czech flowers. Nicely Don, Shel!


  2. Maybe we shouldn’t have our names on them, ’cause I don’t want to OBVIOUSLY vote for myself!!!!! So, I won’t vote.. thanks for the challenge, Bello Modo!!!


  3. Thanks for supporting the challenge, Bello Mondo. Because I feel all names, artists and voters, should be omitted, I’ll have abstain this time. Kudos to all who participated!


    1. I changed the names to letters. Sorry, I guess I thought first names were not that identifiable but I did not take into consideration the members of the society who would know the makers.


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