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Amethyst Owl Earrings

These owl earrings are a great first project to experiment with Vintaj components and Patinas.  Combining the Lucite Owls with the Vintaj Artisan Hoops creates an owl on the moon feeling that I love!




  • Paintbrush
  • Needle Nose Pliers (plus another pair for opening/closing the jump rings)
  • Wire Cutters


First, paint your hoops with the Patina you prefer, I used Amethyst.  I painted 3 layers back and front, but this was a bit heavy and I suggest stopping at two.  I wanted brass to show through on the edges of the hoop and so when the Patina had dried, I used the Reliefing block to sand off some of the Patina around the edges only.  Once you have the hoops painted and sanded to your liking, add a light coat of Vintaj Glaze to the entire hoop.

Next, use a headpin to turn your owl into a pendant.  Thread the headpin through the vertical hole in the owl and trim the headpin so that you have just enough length left to make a small loop at the top using your needle nose pliers.  Attach a Jump Ring to the headpin loop of each owl and attach that to the loop at the top of each Vintaj Artisan Hoop.  Almost there!

Thread two Jump Rings into the Jump Ring holding the owl on, and working vertically, attach one Jump Ring through the two and one more onto the last one added.

Finally, attach your ear wire to the top jump ring and you now have a snazzy pair of Owl Earrings!

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Created by Ashley of Wild Human for Bello Modo.

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