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Weathered Copper Leaf Earrings

We are focusing on Vintaj this week and Vintaj Patina’s. I haven’t really ever used these in my designs, so I thought it was a good opportunity to try something new. The Vintaj pieces that I like the most are the Artisan Copper components. I’m also always drawn to leaf/tree themes and colors in the teal family. So the Artisan Copper Woodland Leaf and the Weathered Copper Patina set were my obvious first choices to work with here…




  1. Using a small, wet, paint brush apply a thin layer of Jade Patina. Let it dry 10-30 minutes. You can also use a Heat-It Tool to help speed the process along.
  2. Repeat step one, using in the following order: Verdigris, Moss, Verdigris. The Moss Patina came out pretty thick so it was really helpful to have some Patina Extender around to thin it out. I also used the Patina Extender on the last thin layer of Verdigris.
  3. After all the Patina is dry, or almost dry, start sanding it off of the high points with a Shrink Plastic Sanding Block. Then buff it with the white part of the Vintaj Metal Reliefing Block.
  4. To make the earrings… take an eye pin and add one firepolish bead, one heishi, one rondelle, one heishi and one crystal. Trim and finish with a simple loop. As you are closing the loop add the earwire. Repeat for the second eye pin.
  5. Attache the eye pin to the leaf with a small jump-ring.

I chose to turn one leaf around so they both curve inward to frame the face. You might prefer to have them be the same. It’s really up to you… as always, make it your own and mix it up.

Have Fun!



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