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Lace and Pearl Necklace

Including fiber in jewelry designs can be really fun, and provides an endless amount of choices in what you can incorporate into your work. Every now and then I pick up something that I haven’t worked into jewelry yet, and get excited to create something. This week I was really drawn to using this beautiful Lace Crochet Ribbon


I’m really happy with how this necklace turned out… it has a nice vintage and feminine look to it.  Somewhere out there is the perfect dress for this one. I’m thinking it’s time for a shopping day 🙂



  1. Cut a one foot piece of wire, slide a crimp bead, and a wire protector on the end. Run the wire back through the crimp bead and crimp. String your pearls and heishi in the order pictured, with two heishi on either end rather than one. I do this so that there are the wire will fit back through a second time as the pearl holes are a little too small. At the end, string another crimp and wire protector, running the wire back through the crimp and heishi. Crimp it and trim the excess wire.
  2. Cut your eight inch length of chain. Open a jump-ring, and put the end of your beaded strand on it, the end of your chain on it, and a Bead Twisted Spacer 12mm . Close the jump-ring. Open another jumpring and do the same with the other ends, and with your other bead twisted spacer.
  3. Cut two lengths of Crochet Ribbon each ten inches long.  To fasten Basketweave Flat Crimps onto each end, put just a tiny dot of Super New Glue on the inside of the crimp, lay the ribbon down on the inside and crimp it shut with a pliers. I like using my nylon jaw pliers for jobs like this so that I don’t mark the metal, but a regular pliers will work just fine. Do this with all four basket weave crimps, and all four ends of ribbon.
  4. Now you will use a jump-ring to attach a strand of ribbon to the Twisted Spacer, and another jump-ring to attach the other strand of ribbon to the other Twisted Spacer.
  5. Now, all you have left to do is attach the clasp to the end with a jump-ring, and the last jump-ring on the other end for the clasp to hook onto.


  • This necklace is nice and long measuring at about 29″ completed, following my directions. Maybe you want is longer? or shorter? Simply adjust the length of Lace Crochet Ribbon that you use for an easy length adjustment.
  • The Swarovski pearls come in a great variety of colors for you to choose from.
  • Perhaps another style of ribbon suits you more…..we have a lot to choose from!

Always remember to have fun and make it your own. Just like recipes, directions are nice guidelines, but when it comes to making dinner, adding your own special touch is really what makes it yours and to your liking! Remember to be flexible in your designs and use what YOU are drawn to using!

Happy Creating!



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