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Planting Trees for Earth Day with a Bracelet Kit!

We love Earth Day around here and to celebrate we have created a new kit.

The really exciting part is that we will be planting one tree for every Earth Day Bracelet Kit we sell during the month of April!


This was inspired by TierraCast and the Om Blossom Bracelet design by Tracy Gonzales.  We decided to make our own version featuring the fun, large holed animal beads from TierraCast along with some beautiful magic beads from Miyuki and Turquoise leather. And, of course we had to add in the Earth button for Earth Day.


The animals included on the bracelet are a lion, an elephant, a rabbit and an owl. In looking at animal symbolism we find that wearing certain animals can remind us of characteristics that we admire or would like to embody more fully.

Animal Symbolism:

  • Lion – Courage, power, authority, dignity and justice.
  • Elephant – Strength, reliability, honor, stability and patience.
  • Rabbit – Love, abundance, health, prosperity, rebirth and harmony.
  • Owl – Wisdom, Mystery, Protection.

The addition of the animals to the Earth Day Bracelet is also just another way to celebrate all of life’s creatures large and small. And as you can see here these beads are cute all the way around!


If you want to learn about where we are making a donation or want to make one of your own, check out It looks like a great organization and we are excited to support them and help make it possible to plant some trees.

For more information on Earth Day or to see if there are events happening in your area go here…

To purchase the bracelet kit click here.

To download and print the PDF instructions click here.

This year Earth Day is April 22nd and remember, we will plant one tree for every kit we sell in the month of April!


The Team @ Bello Modo


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