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Portland Bead Society Mini Bottle Challenge

Update: May 28th, 2015

Congratulations! The winners are as follows…

1st Place: Bottle #1

2nd Place: Bottle #2

3rd Place: Bottle #5


We gave out small bottles of various shapes at the PBS Retreat in March, challenging the takers to make something with the bottle. We got 5 entries, now its time to choose the winners!

Please help us pick a winner! Please post a comment with your choice and maybe why. Thanks for taking the time and thanks especially to those who participated.



































and #5, last but not least!

25 thoughts on “Portland Bead Society Mini Bottle Challenge

  1. Sooo hard to choose – they all are done nicely! I would vote for number two. Even though, there is not that much of preferring one to the other, I still had to make a choice, right? Still, all four of them are great!


  2. #2–But it was a difficult choice. I’m torn between the elegance of #2 and the wildness of #4. I love them both. But in the end, #2 is just beautiful. It has the simplicity of the peyote in the middle and the complexity of the stitches and embellishments top and bottom. Nice work, people!


  3. All four are beautiful, but my favorite is #2. Looking at the pic, it may already be on a fine chain? If not, it easily could be… and it would be a stunning piece of “wearable art”!


  4. I love the colors and the symmetry of small bottle # 2. It uses many different size beads as well as beading techniques to create great texture. It would make a very elegant pendant.

    You rock, Bello Modo.


  5. I like them all but my vote is for # 2 although #3 is really cute! I love the use of the sparkly Delicas in #2 it’s very ornate.


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