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Mother’s Day Clip-On Earrings

Mother’s day is coming up quickly, which also means spring is right around the corner! Yay! As I started thinking about jewelry projects for Mothers Day, clip on earrings came up.


I have done a lot of vending jewelry at various events over the years, and I consistently seem to get the occasional person ask me if I offer any clip on earrings. I generally don’t, as they really are not that popular these days. However, there are some people out there that can only wear clips ons, and I’ve many times seen the disappointment on their face when I tell them that I don’t sell them. Apparently it’s tough to find yourself a pretty pair of clip on earrings!

Perhaps your mom or grandmother is one of those ladies? If so, I made a pretty pair of clip on earrings to highlight one of the handful of options we carry at Bello Modo for clip-on components. True, that not many people wear them anymore, but the ones that do will seriously appreciate you making them a pair.

Below is the materials list and instructions for the spiral crystal drop earrings I made, and here is a list of the clip-on earring components Bello Modo carries for you to choose from:

Screwback Earclip Set ~ Silver Plated

Screwback Earclip Set ~ Gold Plated

Clip Spiral Antique Gold (pair of 2)

Clip – Spiral Antique Silver (pair of 2)

Clip Hammertone Brass Oxide (pair of 2)

Clip – Hammertone Bright Rhodium (pair of 2)

Clip – Hammertone Bright Gold (pair of 2)

Clip – Hammertone Black (pair of 2)

Clip Beaded Antique Gold (pair of 2)

Clip – Beaded Antique Silver (pair of 2)

Materials List:


  1. On each head pin, slide a heishi, a teardrop crystal bead, and another heishi.
  2. Leave enough headpin to make a simple loop, trimming the rest with your flush cutter. Create a simple loop at the top of each to complete your drops.
  3. Open your simple loop to attach the drop you made to the loop on your spiral clip-on component.

That’s it! It’s really simple & quick to make someone who only wears clip-ons a very happy person.


This project is a simple design that you can mix and match whatever components you would like. Have fun and make it special for the person you have in mind (or for you!).

  1. Check out the above listed options for clip on components and use the ones that you are drawn to.
  2. There is also a huge selection of heishi & spacer beads to choose from.
  3. Of course there is a grand selection of Swarvoski beads to choose from too.

Have fun creating!


P.S. And, in case you want to know what the back of these clip-ons look like…


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