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Mirage Mood Bead Necklace

If you are looking for a way to bring some more fun, light and color into your designs check out these Mirage Mood Beads!


The mirage beads work just like the mood rings I had as a kid! They change colors brilliantly with temperature change.

I’m very pleased with how this necklace turned out, and after making it, I’m now a bigger fan of these beads, and feel like I’ll be using them much more in the future.


Since I made this necklace long, it gives me  a chance to ‘play’ with the beads as I wear it, watching the colors ever changing.




  1. Using your wire and the large various mirage beads, create nine links with a mirage bead and a flower spacer on each side of the bead… finish each end with a wrapped loop.
  2. Using your wire and the 6mm round mirage beads, create 18 links with just one bead on each and a simple loop on either end.
  3. Get out your foot of chain. You will find that the links of this chain are not fused, so you can open them like jumprings. Open each link and separate it from the chain, you should have 27 oval rings. Use these rings to attach all of the bead links you made and create your necklace!
  4. This is the order I attached them in: oval ring, small bead, oval ring, small bead, oval ring, large bead… and just keep repeating this pattern until you are done.
  5. There is no clasp on this as it is long enough to put over your head, so just connect the last piece to the first to complete the chain.


***The sky’s the limit! ***

  • Make it longer with more beads.
  • Make it shorter with less beads.
  • Add a clasp.
  • Use only the shapes of beads that appeal to you.
  • Use different jump-rings to attach.
  • Make it so long that you can wear it as a double necklace if you would like.
  • Make some simple drop earrings to match.

Have fun and make it your own!

Happy Creating!




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