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Ceramic Pendant Necklaces

These ceramic pendants are brand new to the shop. They are really beautiful and well made. Being substantial, colorful and interesting makes it possible for these to be stand alone focal pieces for quick and easy necklaces.


I decided on 1.5mm natural leather, distressed oval beads and 2mm cord end caps to complement the pendants. I also added a little chain at the end to make them adjustable.


Materials for Dog Tag Necklace:

Materials for Round Necklace:


  1. Cut the leather to your desired length. Fold the leather in half and put both ends through the hole of the pendant, then put the ends through the loop on the other side to secure the pendant.
  2. Add the three distressed oval beads.
  3. Add one small drop of glue to the end of the leather and add the end cap. Repeat with the other end.
  4. Add one jump-ring to the end cap and attach the lobster clasp.
  5. Add the other jump-ring to the other end cap and attach your desired length of chain.
  6. Put the round crystal on the head pin and make a simple loop, attach this to the end of the chain.

That’s it!

Have fun!



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