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Ocean Breeze Necklace

We’re always getting new things into the shop and of course that makes me want to play with them and make something out of them. This week it was a new piece from Green Girl (the Grateful Heart Bird Coin) and a new color of WireLace, Ocean Mist, that caught my attention. This particular pendant with the ocean theme seemed perfect for the new WireLace and the idea was born…


One of the best things about WireLace is how well some of the colors go together. The Ocean Mist goes perfectly with the Turquoise and the Sea Foam. Here, I am using 6mm WireLace and that works really well with 6/0 Round Seed Beads.


The Green Girl Pendant also has a secret message on the back to remind you what’s important and to keep it positive 🙂




  1. Take one strand of Wirelace and twist one end to make it thin and pointy. Add a combination of Sea Foam Picasso Beads and Pewter Beads to your liking. Repeat with the other two strands of WireLace. Spread them out and space them again to your liking.
  2. Hold the three strands of WireLace on one end and tie them together into a simple knot.
  3. Lay them out on a table and separate them a little. To make a simple twist just move the far right strand to the far left and keep repeating until you get to the end and the whole thing is lightly twisted.
  4. Hold it up to your neck to see how long or short you want your necklace to be and then tie a knot on the other end.
  5. Make a little space in the middle of your necklace by spreading out the seed beads (evenly on both sides).  Attach your pendant by gently pinching the bail through the hole of the pendant.
  6. Trim the ends of the WireLace (what is beyond the knot). Gently close the clam shell over the knot.
  7. Attach an oval jump-ring to each of the clam shells (and close the loop of the clam shell if it is open). To one side add the lobster clasp.
  8. To make your three dangles:
    1. Add a round jump-ring to the drop bicone, attach that to the eye pin. To the eye pin add a Sea Foam bead, and a heishi.
    2. To a head pin add the princess cut bead, a heishi and a Sea Foam bead.
    3. To the other head pin add a Sea Foam bead, a heishi and a round crystal.
  9. Add a round jump-ring to the bottom of the pendant and attach your three dangles with simple loops.


This is a basic design that can be changed in so many ways…

  • Use a different pendant.
  • Use different colors of WireLace and/or seed beads.

Really the possibilities are endless!

Have fun!



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