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Simply Knotted Pearls

A strand of pearls… simple, classic and elegant. These couldn’t be easier to make and sometimes, that’s all a girl needs 😉


These particular pearls are a limited edition, because we are closing out our stock of freshwater pearls before we get in new ones, from a new source.

If you didn’t see our previous post of how you can buy some of these freshwater pearls at a discounted price check out this post.

For this necklace I used the Easy Knotter. If you are not sure how to use it, check out this tutorial here from the woman who invented it.



*You might have enough beads left over from your strand to make a matching bracelet or earrings depending on how long  you want your necklace.


  1. Cut your C-Lon and make a knot towards one end using the Easy Knotter (leave an inch or so of thread to work with at the end for when you attach the crimp tube).
  2. Add a pearl, then another knot according to the instructions in the video.
  3. Continue until you have your desired length. Then thread the cord through one of the crimp tubes and get it right up next to the knot, crimp it (flatten it firmly) with a pair of chain nose pliers. Repeat for the other end and trim any excess cord.
  4. Attach a small jump-ring to each crimp tube.
  5. Attach the medium jump-ring to one of the small jump-rings. Then attach the lobster clasp to the other small jump-ring.

Voila! Julia Child would be proud 🙂


  • You could make a triple strand and 1). have them be different lengths or 2). make them same length and twist them.
  • Of course, feel free to use different pearls (a different size, shape, color etc.)
  • If you are using different pearls you might also use different C-Lon.
  • Add in other beads of your choice.

Have fun!



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