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QuadraTile Earrings

When I first laid my eyes on the (newish) QuadraTiles these earrings are exactly what I saw. They are simple and gorgeous. I’ve been wearing them a lot and gotten compliments on them every time.


I’d also like to show you just how beautiful this Bronze Iris M MA finish is…


So many lovely hues in one mix… Happiness in a little bag 🙂



  1. To a head pin add: a coiled bead, a heishi disk and another coiled bead. Trim excess wire, leaving about a ¼” to create a simple loop at the top. Repeat to create the second drop.
  2. Use your jump-rings to make a ‘string’ of seven QuadraTile beads. Use two jump-rings to attach one bead to the next. Repeat to create your second ‘string’ of seven QuadraTiles.
  3. Also, add jump-rings to the very top QuadraTile bead holes and to the very bottom QuadraTile bead holes (so that all bead holes have jump-rings in them).
  4. Use another jump-ring to attach a drop to the bottom of one of your QuadraTiles. Repeat with the second pair.
  5. At the top do the same thing to attach an earwire to each ‘string’ of beads.


There is such a fantastic array of colors available, if you have another preference then use that one. Also, feel free to mix it up and add any other drop, or bead, on the bottom you want to!

Please note:

There were occasional times when the jump-rings didn’t want to go though the QuadraTile bead holes, as the fit is a little tight.  I did break a bead making these earrings. If this happens, don’t fear, just pick up another bead. Just understand that they are a slightly tight fit.

As always, have fun with it and make it your own!


3 thoughts on “QuadraTile Earrings

  1. The earrings are beautiful and I think it would also make a very nice bracelet and necklace. The QuadraTiles are gorgeous!


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