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Square Freshwater Pearls Bracelet and Haircomb Set

This quick and simple pair of statement jewelry is a great way to showcase square freshwater pearls, or any square bead that you may have in your stash.  I used Crystal Clay to not only adhere the pearls to the components, but also to add a lovely splash of bright violet color behind the iridescent pearls.


Here are the components that I used to create this uplifting set of shiny, sparkly, silver jewelry:


  • Pliers for opening and closing jump-rings.


For the bracelet:

  1. Line up the eight Square Links on a work surface and follow the directions included with the Crystal Clay to get it ready to use. Figure out how much clay you need for one Square Link and then make seven more balls of clay that size so they are ready to go.
  2. Smooth the clay into the Square Link and flatten it down so that it is flush or a little bit raised of the outer edge of the link.  Be sure to not get any on the sides and if you do, a bit of alcohol or alcohol ink blending solution on a cotton swab will easily clean it up for you.
  3. Press one Freshwater Square Coin Pearl into the Square Link and set aside.  Repeat for the rest of the Square Links.  Clean the edges with the cotton swab if needed and then let them harden up while you move onto the Hair Combs (See Below).
  4. Once you have finished with the Hair Combs, come back to the bracelet and assemble the pieces together.
  5. Attach one Niobium Jump Ring to a Square Link and connect it to another Square Link.  Repeat until all links have been joined together.
  6. Attach one jump ring to each link that is on the end and one jump ring to each part of the magnetic clasp, then attach those two jump rings together.
  7. There will be one jump ring between each link and two jump rings between the end link of either side and the magnetic clasp piece.
  8. Let harden for 1-2 hours before wearing.

PearlsSquared3 For the Hair Combs:

  1. Roll out a cylinder of Crystal Clay and lay it on top of the comb, smoothing it flat over the holes and spreading it over the top and smoothing it down on the back and sides. (This will give you a place to add your Chatons)
  2. Place four Freshwater Square Pearl Coins onto the front side of the hair comb, you may want to pay attention to the orientation of the holes of the beads so that they do not show at the top of the comb.
  3. Pick out the smallest Chatons in the vial and place them around the sides and tops of the hair comb (using the beeswax covered toothpick that came with your Crystal Clay).   Repeat the steps for the second comb.
  4. Let harden for an 1-2 hours before wearing.

Designed by Ashley from Wild Human for Bello Modo.


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