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Leather Bracelet Giveaway!

Update 6/17/15:

Congratulations to Cindy Martin-Shaw, Heather Martin, Sandra Woerner, Eva N Jon Jensen, Susan Lanctot, Beth Dombroski and Brenda Heald… You’ve Won a Leather Bracelet!!!

Send an email to and give us your current shipping address so we can send you your bracelet!

Here’s what bracelet each of you have won…

  • Eva N Jon Jensen  #1
  • Cindy Martin-Shaw #2
  • Beth Dombroski #3
  • Sandra Woerner #4
  • Susan Lanctot #5
  • Brenda Heald #6
  • Heather Martin #7


We are focusing on leather this week, Father’s Day is coming up and leather bracelets are quick, easy to make and perfect gifts for the men in your life.

I know from personal experience when you are buying gifts for someone just how tempting it is to get something for yourself too!  So we thought we would help you out… 🙂

Because we don’t want you to feel left out, and because we love you, we want you to have something new for yourself too!


We are giving away seven leather bracelets that have been made as samples in the shop as we were testing new products.

Just leave a comment here, or on Facebook, and tell us which one is your favorite (we will do our best to accommodate everyone).

All entries must be in by Sunday 6/14/15 Midnight PST. Winners will be announced on Tuesday 6/16/15!

Remember to check back on Tuesday to see if you won!

All leather and components are on sale 25% Off. If you want to make something for your father, or for yourself, you can see everything we have HERE.

If you want to read our Father’s Day Leather Bracelet blog post for some fresh inspiration then go HERE.

Below are the sizes of each bracelet so that you can pick not only your favorite but one that will fit!

  • Bracelet #1: 7.5 inches
  • Bracelet #2: 8 inches
  • Bracelet #3: 8 inches
  • Bracelet #4: 8 inches
  • Bracelet #5: 7 inches
  • Bracelet #6: 7.5 inches
  • Bracelet #7: 7 inches

Best Wishes!

The Team @ Bello Modo



41 thoughts on “Leather Bracelet Giveaway!

  1. I love love love them all! Would be proud to wear any of them! Maybe second from the left maybe fifth from the left or maybe one on the right! Oh my, love them all! You are my source for ideas, projects and inspiration. Great supplier and wonderful customer service, too.


  2. Really, I love them all! Since I make jewelry, I can actually match up each bracelet with a family member or dear friend. For myself, I would choose the red and copper bracelet or the turquoise and hammered pewter. Beautiful job and kudos to whoever made them. Beth Dombroski


  3. I loved your blog post about leather bracelets for Dad. Those bracelets rock! Designing for men is something I should utilize more, but I never have been sure exactly what to make. Now I do! What a terrific collection of bracelets here, and it is so kind of you to host a giveaway with them. My husbands dad would love bracelet #2 (those copper spiral sliders are cool). I’ve been trying to limit my jewelry shopping, but resisting leather stuff is so hard. I feel a Bello Modo shopping spree coming on. 🙂


  4. Oh I love them all! But if I hadto choose it would be number 5! All the colors are lovely!! Good luck to the winners and thank you for such an awesome giveaway!


  5. First I would like to say thank you for the all the giveaways you do for us. And second about my choice on which bracelet I would choose. I would choose if we are going from left to right #7 as my first choice or #1 as my second choice.
    Thank you again for the awesome giveaways. And for the awesome supplies that you have for us to make our creations with. I know I would be lost without you.


  6. I love #4, but due to the size I will have to pick #6. I’m nuts about mixing colors, I left a comment on facebook but I thought I would leave one here too!!


  7. I love number 7 it would be my first choice and I also like number 3. I would happily wear either one. I didn’t realise you did .5mm leather cord, it’s on my wishlist now! I want to make leather bracelets and experiment with some of the different sizes and colours and the range of hardware you can get to finish them with. Thanks for another lovely giveaway.


  8. These leather bracelets in the giveaway are fabulous! I can see myself wearing the blue bracelet with the hammered pewter focal (#7). My second choice would be bracelet #5. Both of these bracelets are the closest match to my wrist size.


  9. I love the second bracelet. The copper with the leather looks awesome together. I could see myself wearing it with any outfit.


  10. Love them all! Would love to have #3 because I love the color, would love to have #1,#5, & #7 because they would fit better. But I also love #2 & #4. So all in all I love almost all of them but #6 because I don’t wear pastels that much.


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