Pearls and Leather Simple, Elegant, & Easy

Pearls can make every outfit better, and Swarovski pearls are so easy to work with. Their uniformity makes it easy to thread them, especially the large holed ones, 5811’s. They fit nicely on .5mm leather cord.

This necklace is a quick and easy, a fun and casual piece to make and anyone can do this it’s so easy.

I chose two colors of .5mm leather cord started with a button for my closure. Run both colors of leather through the shank on the button and ties a knot to secure it. Trim the excess and then start stringing pearls, alternately on one color knotting both cords and then threading a pearl on the alternate color and knot. Once it is a long as you want, tie a knot then tie a second knot that your button can fit through. You can add a drop of glue to the knot to make sure it’s secure, but i did not and its fine. Easy and they look like they could have come from some upscale trendy catalog.


This is a lariat meant to be worn with the loose ends casually looped over each other in the front. The leather is natural, adding to the “Sundance” look of this piece. You can make this as long or short as you wish, easy casual fun to wear with jeans and a tee shirt.


Perfect to wear with a summer dress or to the office!


Easy, casual but lustrous!




Swarovski Large Holed #5811 10 or 12mm pearls

.5mm Leather your choice of color

Button for closure if desired

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