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Make a Fun Ribbon Pendant

Make a quick and fun pendant with a bit of ribbon and trim! 


What a fun and easy way to make a pendant that matches your outfit, organization, or affiliation.

I used a 6″ length of jacquard ribbon, along with 12″ of tiny pom pom trim and one Basketweave or fold over ribbon crimp 38mm (1.5″), one jump ring (I took one link off a section of chain) and for the necklace I used a length of Silver Silk.

This pendant could be constructed in a number of ways. I used glue to attach the tiny pop pop trim to the inside edges of the ribbon, letting it dry for a few hours, then pressed it togher with a small line of glue inside on top of the pom poms to afix the piece together, so it is the same front and back. I could have used only a 3″ piece of tiny pom poms, but I wanted the pom poms to be full and abundant looking. And, sewing instead of gluing might have been a better solution, but it worked fine the way I did it. When adding the crimp at the top edge I did also add a tiny line of glue to help make it permanent. I used my flat nose pliers to gently flatten the crimp down, and once it was good I added the jump ring and from there finished up with the chain made of Silver Silk.  You could use any chain, pearls, beads, the skies the limit here.


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