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Blue Silk and Ruby Earrings

Pam hardly had the new package of TierraCast stepped charms poured onto the table when I grabbed these ruby colored charms and took off to make a pair of earrings with them!


I knew chain would be involved and the charm would dangle between various lengths of chain.  I also knew that I wanted something else to be included, but was unsure of what this would be.  I looked through the lucite for a bit, then settled on these adorable little Czech glass Blue Silk Bellflowers to accent the design.



  1. Take one bellflower and one headpin, place the headpin through the hole in the bellflower with the points of the bellflower facing down, cut the headpin to about a quarter inch sticking out of the top of the bellflower and make a simple loop.
  2. Repeat for the remaining seven bellflowers.
  3. Cut two pieces of chain with nine links each.
  4. Cut two pieces of chain with 29 links each.
  5. Cut two pieces of chain with 32 links each.
  6. Use one of each lengths for each earring.
  7. Attach a charm to the end of each nine link length with a jump-ring.
  8. Attach a bellflower to each end of the remaining four lengths of chain.
  9. Hold a jump-ring and first slide a link from the longest chain, just off center of its middle point, onto the jump-ring.  Then add the top link from the chain with the charm.  Finally, add the last piece of chain, also just off center of its midpoint.  This makes it so that there is a length of chain with bellflowers on either side of the length with the charm.  Close the jump-ring.
  10. Slightly open the loop of the earwire, slide it through the jump-ring holding the lengths of chain.  Close the earwire loop.
  11. Repeat for the second earring.

Created for Bello Modo by Ashley from Wild Human Designs.

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