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Ruby Dragonfly Bracelet

July’s traditional birthstone is Ruby and since we don’t carry real rubies we decided to expand our creativity into other beads and components. ūüėČ In looking at all things ruby colored in the shop, we found a gorgeous ruby Czech Glass dragonfly button and I was inspired to use it in my go-to bracelet for highlighting special buttons.


This bracelet makes a great first project for someone who wants to learn the art of tying macrame knots and can be completed in about an hour for the more experienced knotter.  With the help of the fantastic Beadalon Tying Station, this fun bracelet was completed and on my wrist in less than the duration of a movie! Check out this review of the Tying Station if you are unfamiliar with it.














  1. Cut two, one yard pieces of C-Lon.  Hold together and fold in half.  Slide the button to the middle point and tie an overhand knot to secure the button in place.
  2. Using the foam pad plate on the tying station, secure the button under the foam.  Separate one working cord on each side and two filler cords in the middle.  Secure the two filler cords under the bottom plate on the tying station.
  3. Tie ten square knots.
  4. Slide one cube onto each working cord and tie two square knots tightly underneath.  Repeat until desired length (22 repetitions were used for this 7.5 inch bracelet).
  5. Add one more cube on either side and finish with five square knots.
  6. Separate the cords into one working cord and one filler cord on either side and tie one overhand knot on each side, snug to the last square knot tied.
  7. About a half inch past these knots, hold all cords together and tie one overhand knot.  This is the loop-clasp for your button closure.
  8. Separate the cords into two sections again and tie another overhand knot on each side about a quarter-inch down.  Trim cords.

Created for Bello Modo by Ashley from Wild Human Designs.


3 thoughts on “Ruby Dragonfly Bracelet

  1. This looks like a beautiful bracelet to make and I love the color of rubies. All the different hues that they come in are remarkable. Thank you as always for sharing designs on your blog and Facebook and for everything you do for all of us.


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