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Ethnic Flat Cord and Leather Bracelet

Here is another example of a way to use the Ethnic Flat Cotton Cord. I used a 20mm slider as a focal piece and a 20mm flat clasp and made almost instantly a very fashionable and trendy bracelet! It took maybe 5 minutes.


Steps involved:

1.) Decide on the finished width of your bracelet, remembering to allow a bit of ease. You don’t want it to be too tight. Measure the clasp and subtract that measurement from the amount of leather and cord to cut. So, I made mine to fit my 8″ wrist, and this is the measurement with 1/2″ of ease.

2.) Cut 1 strip of the 10mm flat leather and two strips of cotton 5mm flat cord. 

3.) Using Super New Glue drop 2-3 drops max into the opening of one side of the clasp and slip in the cord, leather, and cord, holding them in place all the way in the slot, giving the glue a bit of time to catch hold and begin hardening, maybe 1/2-1 minute.

Handy Tip: Be sure you have put the lid back on the glue while you are working on the first part to keep it safe.

4.) Once the first part of the clasp is stabilized slip the slider on all 3 pieces, centering it on the cords.

5.) Now you can look at the 3 ends of the leather/cord that will go in the second part of the clasp, making sure they are the same length and trimming any of the cords that are not. Then repeat step 3.

6.) At this point you can glue the slider in place by sliding it a bit to the right, dropping a drop of glue on the back of the leather so it seats against the rail of the slider and then sliding it back to the left to be seated on the glue. Lay the piece down and just let the glue cure for an hour or so, and then your finished piece is ready to wear or gift!


These make super Birthday gifts, no one has to know how easy it was to put together, and you can make them in the colorway of your choice, choose the metal finish, and style, really easy to personalize.

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