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Get out your little black dress! Swarovski Cube Bracelet

This lovely bracelet is glamorous and luxurious, but very easy to make! Perfect to wear to a special occasion, night out, or family occasion.


The cubes are 10mm 5601 Swarovski custom finished Crystal Bermuda Blue. We have several different finishes available. You can see them all HERE.

The other component that makes this bracelet work are the long tube beads and the Hammered Clasp Ring and Bar made by Nunn Design,



To assemble start by adding one crimp on the beading wire followed by one wire protector, running the wire through one side of the protector. Attach so the wire protector sits on the clasp ring protecting the beading wire from wear. Once you have it seated then run the beading wire into the  second side of the wire protector and into the crimp a second time trapping the clasp ring. Crimp it and trim the extra wire.

Now string the long beads alternated with a cube, using all the beads, finishing with a long bead. Check the fit, and if necessary remove or add beads to fit.

Now repeat the wire protector/crimp procedure with the second half of the clasp.

Ta-Da! Done and ready to dazzle!

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