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Make a Statement with this Necklace Design

The inspiration for this piece started with the vintage button that is in the center of the pendant. The colors were a perfect match for Swarovski pearls in Bronze and Dark Grey, and once I saw the pearls along side the button I knew I was on the right path. You may have a button or old piece that would work good for this type of focal piece, a good place to start.


The pendant is a compilation of the button and two Vintaj filigrees, a Brass clock button, and 3 leaves I had in my collection. I patinaed the larger filigree as well as the Vintaj Magnolia Beadcap with silver and brass Vintaj Patinas as I wanted it to blend a bit. I used Crystal Clay to adhere all the components together, including the leaves in the back, using a thin layer to make them lay safely flat.


The Magnolia beadcap has strands of the new Nunn Design Faceted Ball Chain, and also strands of 24ss Rhinestone chain. Sensual and sparkly!

To make this I attached the connectors to the end of  3″ pieces of chain, 4 rhinestone and 4 ball chain then attached them to eyepins, 4 strands on each eyepin, mixed, so 2 of each on each eyepin, then ran the eyepins together through the beadcap and wrapped them around an opening in the larger filigree, trimming and compressing the endings to eliminate any sharpness. After you have it in place check to see that the chains all hang the way you like, trimming any to look good or be the right length.

I prefer pearls strung with a bead between each pearl, in this case the new 2mm fire polished, instead of knotting, as I like using beading wire rather than thread and I like the look and sparkle of a little something in between. You could use 2mm round crystals, I liked the color of the 2mm firepolished. I do this because its more durable, and I also used wire protectors to keep the wire from wearing at the connections. An Elegant Elements clasp finished it off very nicely.

I imagine this piece worn by the Mother of the Bride, or to the opera or a special occasion.

If you desire more information on it’s construction please post a question, I am happy to help.


Materials List



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