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Colorful Mum Necklaces

Sometimes simplicity is nice, and this is definitely one of those instances. I am really partial to these Mum Cabachons, and love the colors they come in. I made a few of these sweet necklaces in no time at all and I think they are the perfect match for a summer dress!


A note on using Vintaj chain as links/jumprings:

If you haven’t used the Vintaj line enough to know this, here is a hot tip that I personally use a lot when designing.  Not all, but much of the chain that they offer is not fused, meaning you can open the links of the chain just like a jump-ring and use it just like a jump-ring! This comes in handy not only when you don’t have the proper size jumpring around, but also because you can add etched, or oval shapes to your design which I think can sometimes add just that little bit extra. In this case, I used a link of the Elongated Oval Chain to attach the bezel to the chain, and it’s worked great!

*editor’s note: to change this up a bit you can use Vintaj Patinas on the mums to age and add contrast to them.



  1. Mix your 2 part epoxy according to directions. You only need a small dab of it, less than the size of a pea. I like to use a toothpick to mix it, apply a touch to the center of the bezel, and put the Cabochon on. Allow this to cure.
  2. Cut your chain to 18” or your length of choice.
  3. Use a link from your Elongated Oval Chain, or a large jump-ring to put in the hole of the bezel, close it and run your chain through it.
  4. Attach a Jump Ring to both ends of the chain, using one of them to attach your  Lobster Clasp.

As always, use these supplies as a guide for the project, but feel free to pick the chain that appeals most to you, the color of Mum that matches your summer dress, and make it the length you want it! Maybe you want to bead a chain for the pendant instead! Be creative! Make it your own!

Have fun creating!



One thought on “Colorful Mum Necklaces

  1. Shelly,

    I love your designs! Mums are the flower of my birthday month (November). If you ever send out jewelry for other bloggers to feature, I would love to wear this in a post. 🙂 Above all, I wanted to let you know I enjoy seeing your creative jewelry.


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